Overall the Seagate 1TB external hard disk range is extremely impressive, mixing all of the latest features with a large storage capability whilst being robust enough to be used constantly without any worries.

why Hard drives are non-volatile

Hard drives are non-volatile, random-access magnetic data storage apparatus. They feature rotating rigid platters put on motor-driven spindles within protective enclosures. Data is then read magnetically written to and read from the platter by write/read heads which are floating above the platters. First introduced by IBM during the 1950s, hard disks have significantly become smaller and cheaper, while at the same time raising capacity levels today. Hard drives are typically placed inside a computer but increasing need for portable storage devices gave birth to external drives.

why Hard drives are non-volatile

External drives sit beyond the computer encased within their enclosures, only slightly bigger than the HDD’s themselves. It depends on the brand and model however, cooling fans may be attached as well. This layout allows for data to be stored on the best external hard drive connected to the computer using high-speed port cables, communication with the computer for data transport. The most common interfaces used for external hard drive cables are both Firewire and USB.


External drives or portable drives are useful because they allow you the consumer to store or back up important information separately from your primary drive, the one inside your computer, that could be compromised using offline and online tasks. The kinds of documents you can place in external drives change but they can be large music files, sensitive files, disk images, DVD images, videos, or simply a copy of whatever you’ve got on your main disk .

Should you get on the internet, you can even opt not to turn on your external drive. Apart from taking care of your documents, external hard disk drives are also very convenient to use since they are mobile and may simply be triggered via plug-and-play technology, which means that you don’t have to install anything to have the ability to use one.